Why Choose a Soy Wax Candle?

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With so many choices out there when it comes to choosing a Candle, why should you consider Soy Wax Candles ?
There are many reasons ! I've narrowed it down to help you understand why I choose Soy. 
1) Soy Wax is eco friendly, plant based, vegan and made from hydrogenated soy bean oil, which has been extracted from the Soy Bean Plant.  It is a Natural, renewable and sustainable resource.  It is Biodegradable, which means it is friendly on the Environment.
2) Soy Wax is a cleaner, much longer burn that also provides a strong scent throw.  It is easy to clean when spills occur, just a sponge and some water and the Wax will easily be removed.  
3) On a personal note, I have only used Soy Candles for the last five years and feel they are the best quality Candle and best value as although they are more expensive than some other wax candles to purchase, they burn slower so you get a Candle that truly lasts and smells amazing !
4) I also believe it is important to know you are burning a Candle that is environmentally friendly, free from Parrafin, free from Palm Oil and has not been tested on any animals.  
All of these factors combined helped me make the decision that Soy was the right Wax for me.  

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