Choosing your Soy Candle Fragrance

When looking through the list of Fragrances Available to choose from, it can be overwhelming to make a decision on which Fragrance to choose.
Choosing a Fragrance is a very personal choice which many things will factor in to.  Some people choose fragrances because it reminds them of someone or something that is special in their lives, while others may find that some fragrances have the opposite effect on how they feel because of something that they find hard to remember.  Some people choose solely based upon what they like the smell of and not at all how it makes them feel, personally I think they are both connected. I also think that different fragrances suit different spaces.
I tend to break down the range into a few different categories as that has helped my customers choose.
1. Sweet 
If you are a lover of sweet, rich and warm fragrances that make you feel good inside then I recommend:
- French Vanilla 
- Musk Sticks
- Vanilla Caramel 
2. Fruity 
Deliciously Sweet and Comforting, my recommendations are: 
- French Pear 
- Cherry Blossom 
- Japanese Honeysuckle 
- Kakadu Plum 
3. Earthy, Exotic and Rich 
Fragrances that are complex, rich and earthy, great for the bedroom and living room, as these fragrances are the sort of fragrances that make you want to curl up on the couch or in bed with a good book. If you are looking for something like this I recommend:
- Ambered Sandalwood 
- Dragon's Blood 
- Vanilla, Patchouli and Sandalwood 
4. Fresh and Uplifting 
Perfect for kitchen, laundry and bathroom, fragrances that are both fresh and mood enhancing I choose:
- Citrus Splash 
- Coastal Waters 
- Persian Lime and Lemongrass 
5. Tropical 
The fragrances that remind you of a tropical paradise with the mixtures of aroma are: 
- Coconut Lime 
- Tropical Island Holiday 
6. Floral 
Fragrances for the floral lovers but these are also fragrances that are rich and Perfume Based in there scent.  Personally, I think these fragrances are beautiful in home entrances and bring a feeling of comfort.
  - Lotus Flower 
  - Sheer Lily and Rose 
   - Wild Frangipani 
I have also included a beautiful fragrance called Angel Wings for people who love a soft and gentle fragrance, as well as a fragrance that is Masculine which is Fifty Shades.
Finally, the Fragrance of Oriental Myrrh and Musk which is unique, warm and sensuous, this fragrance is complex and my personal favorite.
When choosing a fragrance for a gift, its a great idea to find out a little bit about their favourite fragrances, I will always work with you to help you choose the best fragrances for your gifts or for a special event. 
My hope us that you will light your candle and it will bring you much comfort and feelings of happiness and joy
Kylie x x 

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