Candle Care Accessories

We offer a beautiful range of accessories and candle care equipment in a variety of colours.  The perfect gift or "add on" product for the serious Candle Lovers.

Wick Snuffer

Using a Wick Snuffer is a safe and effective way to extinguish your candle.  Using a Snuffer will prevent hot wax from splattering which can happen if you blow out your candle yourself and it also won't create as much smoke.  It also avoids any unnecessary touching of the hot vessel

Wick Trimmer

One of the most important things you can do to help your Soy Candle burn its cleanest and best is to trim your wick ! It is best to trim your wick to between 2 - 5mm before each new burn.  It will prevent the wick from "mushrooming" at the top and provide a longer lasting candle.

Wick Dipper

A Wick Dipper is another option to use to extinguish your Candle. Use the dipper to push the wick over into the pool of melted wax.  This will eliminate the smoke and also it can be used to straighten the wick (if necessary) before your next burn.